About Me

A Little about me….

Life experiences, hard work, compassion and passion…. I think those four things sum up the foundation of who I am and what I put into my clients.

Life experiences have shown me what it is to struggle, to fail and to succeed.

Hard Work has shown my children, my friends, family and myself just what it takes to make life what you want it to be… what you MAKE  it to be!

Compassion, I have always tried to put myself in someone else’s shoes… no one’s problem is greater than another’s nor is it any less important.

Passion, is what drives me to learn more, extend my arms more, to do the right thing and to smile!

My dedication/promise to my clients is to always (within my scope of practice) do my best for you, to always work on improving myself so that I can help you better/ more effectively or to make sure that if I can not help you, that I let you know so that you/we can find someone that can/will help you reach your goal!

I went to Niagara College for my certificate in Health Science Prep/ General Arts and Science shortly after finishing highschool (not really sure where in health care I wanted to go). In my early twenties, I went to college to become an Orthopaedic Technologist and had an internship at Toronto Western Hospital, then in my early 30’s, I finally decided to go back for my dream career as a Registered Massage Therapist.  As an RMT, I have continued my studies to include some modalities such as Indie Head massage, Thai massage, Bamboo Fusion massage and facial lymph drainage.