Jul 16

What Does The Word Massage Mean?

Massage means various things to various people. There are so many types of massage out there but the basic is Swedish massage. Swedish massage is used to help relax muscles, decrease an over stimulated nervous system and more than anything, it helps improve circulation.

Some people think of massage as just a way to become relaxed but there are also more of a “therapy” side to massage that uses specific techniques for diagnosed conditions that may help diminish or alleviate pain/ aide in recovery. This type of massage is most commonly used in conjunction with other health care providers/ professionals. Common ailments include carpal tunnel, pinched nerves, whiplash, back injuries, sport injuries, sciatica, joint pain and many other muscular traumas.

I have massaged my own daughter since birth and my youngest client was 9 weeks old! I regularly treat children ranging from 2 years old right through to their teenage years. (their muscles are always being stretched from growth, never mind when they are active!)

Pregnancy massage is also something I offer for the treatment of stress, headaches, low back discomfort, leg cramps and general muscle soreness! Special positioning is given for mom and babes comfort/care.