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What makes a good RMT?

A good Registered Massage Therapist is one that fits YOU. The key word is You, you need someone that will not only listen to your needs and wants for your treatment but executes it. Having the therapist check in with you to make sure you are receiving what you asked for or if there is another way you might be more comfortable to achieve your goal.
No two clients are the same and not every appointment is the same concern, that is why finding someone that will always tailor your treatment to you is so important! Communication is the most crucial key to an effective treatment, and having someone that you feel you can communicate with openly and freely is the best way to get what you want or need for your massage appointment.

What Does The Word Massage Mean?

Massage means various things to various people. There are so many types of massage out there but the basic is Swedish massage. Swedish massage is used to help relax muscles, decrease an over stimulated nervous system and more than anything, it helps improve circulation. Some people think of massage as just a way to become …

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Who Can Receive Massage?

There are very few reasons that a person should not be seeing an Registered Massage Therapist but talking to your family physician before scheduling your appointment is never a bad thing to do (especially if your extended health care provider requires a note from your doctor before they will cover an RMT’s treatment). But if …

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